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Marketing Intelligence: Maintaining Your Newsletter’s Effectiveness
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Your e-mail newsletter has a great deal of responsibility—it must maintain a high enough level of interest among subscribers such that some of them become customers or repeat customers, and others persuade their friends to subscribe. To accomplish this task, you must continually tweak your newsletter as dictated by the data and anecdotal feedback it generates.

You're Busy. We Can Help.Analyzing the Data: Newsletter Performance Index
Every time you publish your e-mail newsletter, it generates a wealth of raw data, including click-throughs opens, referrals, and growth/attrition. On its own, this data can help you identify major problems or major successes, but it does not facilitate comparisons or identify subtle trends.

To overcome these limitations, we developed the Newsletter Performance Index, which is an analytical model into which plug the raw data. The end results is a score that you can use to compare newsletters against one another, or even to compare the same newsletter among different segments of subscribers.

The Newsletter Performance Index applies a weighted average to each data component so that the resulting score has a highest possible value of 100. The weight apportioned to each data point depends on the marketing objective of your newsletter. In other words, the Newsletter Performance Index is flexible enough to meet the needs of just about any company.

You’re Busy. We Can Help.
You have better things to do than crunch numbers. Let us crunch them for you, and use the results to further enhance the performance of your e-mail newsletter and its accompanying standalone promotional messages. We’ll send you a performance report and recommendations after each mailing, which will enable you to make informed decisions about future strategy.

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