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Brainstorming: A Blueprint of Your E-Mail Newsletter in 45 Minutes
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Over the years, we have created dozens of e-mail newsletters, first for ourselves and then for our clients. As a result, we have developed a brainstorming process for fast-tracking e-mail newsletters. Specifically, we can take you from the idea stage to full-fledged blueprint in as little as 45 minutes. This rapid development process dramatically lowers costs. In fact, we provide our brainstorming process free of charge.

You're Busy. We Can Help.How We Make the Best Use of Your Time
The marketing executives and business owners with whom we work have very busy schedules so we’ve adapted our workflow to suit their needs. As a result, we’ve developed a brainstorming process for getting an e-mail newsletter off the ground that takes just 45 minutes of your time—at no charge—and you need not leave your office. As for us, we spend a lot more than 45 minutes thereafter, but that’s of no concern to you, particularly since we don’t bill by the hour.

Our brainstorming process focuses on the six key ingredients that comprise a successful e-mail newsletter, each is which is discussed below.

1. Newsletter Objective
The first step in developing an e-mail newsletter lies in determining its primary marketing objective. Unfortunately, many companies create e-mail newsletters before setting an objective, which usually results in trying to shoehorn one in later.

2. Editorial Content
Only a newsletter with editorial content can facilitate the kind of frequency required to drive sales and referrals while simultaneously preventing list fatigue and permission erosion. Therefore, we work with you to figure out the mix of content that will best serve your subscribers, your marketing objectives, and your budget.

3. Theme/Editorial Slant
Once you know what kind of content you’d like to deliver, you must figure out how to present that content to maximize your newsletter’s success from a marketing perspective. Every publication has a slant not withstanding claims of “unbiased journalism.” Such is the nature of the written word. You may as well take advantage of it, and bend it to your will.

4. Name & Slogan
Creating an identity for a newsletter is just as important as creating one for a company or product.

5. Design
Most newsletters these days take advantage of the fact that most people use HTML-capable e-mail programs. As a result, design can play an important role in your newsletter’s ability to generate sales and referrals. Even if you must publish in plain text for some reason, there is a right way and wrong way to do so.

6. Marketing Intelligence
As with all elements of online marketing, e-mail newsletters require regular testing and analysis to ensure return on investment. While the data generated by e-mail publishing software can provide some guidance in its raw form, it becomes much more potent when placed into analytical models, such as our Newsletter Performance Index.

You’re Busy. We Can Help.
Though our free brainstorming process takes only 45 minutes, it produces hit newsletters that serve their marketing objective for years. Remember, we reduce your time commitment, not ours. The breakthroughs we’ve made in e-mail marketing over the years came about not from cutting corners, but from investing the requisite time to attain a deeper understanding. Our clients are now the beneficiaries of this time investment.

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