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Copywriting & Design: Part Art, Part Science … and Teamwork
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Because many companies lack the resources to regularly publish an e-mail newsletter with editorial content, they tend to sporadically publish e-mail newsletters comprised entirely of promotional material. These newsletters don’t perform as well because they don’t establish that all-important bond of trust. Furthermore, infrequent publishing can erode the permission companies receive from subscribers. A subscriber who forgets signing up for an e-mail newsletter will treat it as spam.

Such companies should consider outsourcing the creation and management of their e-mail newsletter.

You're Busy. We Can Help.Copywriting/Design: It Takes a Team
Writing and designing an e-mail newsletter with editorial content requires expertise in both journalism and marketing. In other words, you must write narrative prose while simultaneously writing marketing copy. And before you can do that, you must design a template that entices and sells. Throw into this mix the need to create standalone promotional messages periodically, and it’s no mean feat.

Creating an e-mail newsletter demands a team-oriented approach since it’s rare that one person can bring all the requisite skills to the table. More heads are indeed better than one, but they need cost an arm and a leg. A team can actually put together an e-mail newsletter faster than one person alone thanks to the expertise of each teammate.

You’re Busy. We Can Help.
Our experience with e-mail newsletters is without equal. In 1997, our parent company launched TechnoLawyer, the first e-mail newsletter network to combine editorial newsletters with standalone promotional messages. This breakthrough led to our discovery of serial storytelling. Take advantage of our experience—put us to work creating your e-mail newsletter and its accompanying standalone promotional messages.

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