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E-Mail Analytics: The Key to Maximizing Your Return on Investment
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With the right technology in place, a permission e-mail marketing campaign can generate a wealth of data, including click-throughs, opens, referrals, page views, and user sessions. However, without further analysis, this raw data does not paint a complete picture. By using analytical models to transform this data into marketing intelligence, you can set appropriate budgets and tweak your campaign on the fly to increase its effectiveness.

You're Busy. We Can Help.Lifetime Value Analysis: What You Should Spend
By figuring out how much revenue your customers will generate over the course of their lifetime, you can figure out how much you can afford to spend attracting them as a customer in the first place. The series of calculations required to obtain this information is called a “lifetime value analysis.”

Permission e-mail marketing adds a few unique twists to lifetime value analysis. For example, because permission e-mail advertising enables you to build your own marketing database, some of the prospects you capture will never become customers, but will persuade others to do so. Therefore, your lifetime value analysis must include referral sales as well as direct sales. In addition, it should also take into account the value of building and replenishing your marketing database.

Advertising Performance Index: Scoring Your Permission E-Mail Advertising
Once you figure out how much money to spend on permission e-mail advertising, you must spend it wisely so that the results mirror your projections. Most importantly, you’ll want to take note of the click-through rate and the conversion rate. The click-through rate measures the percentage of people exposed to your ads who clicked on them, whereas the more important conversion rate is the percentage pf people who became part of your marketing database thanks to your optimized landing page.

Even these statistics, however, don’t provide a complete picture. For that, you need a mathematical model such as our Advertising Performance Index, which applies a weighted average formula to raw data to create a score. Once each ad has a score, you can compare it to other ads to determine which ad works the best. You can also use these scores to determine the best opt-in lists and newsletter networks.

You’re Busy. We Can Help.
Monitoring a permission e-mail marketing campaign—converting raw data into marketing intelligence and then using that intelligence to make adjustments on the fly—requires a significant time commitment. By letting us handle the number crunching for your permission e-mail marketing campaigns, you can devote your time to traditional marketing activities.

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