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List Selection & Targeting: Reaching the Right People Without Paying for the Wrong People
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Since the dawn of marketing, companies have tried to strike the perfect balance between “reach” (the number of people exposed to their advertising) and “frequency” (the number of times people are exposed to their advertising) in their advertising campaigns. Few, if any, companies have the resources to pursue both in equal measure.

You're Busy. We Can Help.Frequency Trumps Reach in Permission E-Mail Marketing
Mass medium vehicles like newspapers, radio, and television emphasize reach over frequency, a strategy that worked for the better part of the last century. Focusing on reach at the expense of frequency is no longer effective because people have become so adept at tuning out advertising that doesn’t hold their interest. We refer to such advertising as “untargeted,” and consider it a waste of money.

Permission e-mail marketing has ushered in a new era in which frequency trumps reach. In other words, reaching the right people repeatedly is more effective than reaching a larger group of people just a few times or once.

Demographic and Contextual Targeting
Targeted advertising facilitates frequency because it enables you to reach the right people without having to pay for the wrong people. Who are the “right people”? Those likely to become customers and those likely to tell others about your company (often referred to as “influencers” or “sneezers”). How do you reach the right people? By advertising in third-party opt-in lists and e-mail newsletter networks that offer demographic and/or contextual targeting.

You’re Busy. We Can Help.
With tens of thousands of available lists and millions of targeting options, list selection requires significant research. Because our parent company operates a critically-acclaimed opt-in list and e-mail newsletter network in the legal market called TechnoLawyer, and uses its own e-mail technology to do so, we have an inside track on how to find valuable e-mail properties and negotiate favorable advertising deals.

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