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Site Redesign: How Landing Pages Can Save You Money
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Despite the cost of creating an entire Web site, companies routinely discard their site and build a new one with the hope that it will perform better. In many cases, companies can dispense with expensive site redesigns by instead creating one or more optimized landing pages. And even in situations that require building a new Web site, landing pages enable companies to test a new design before implementing it site-wide. This little-known benefit of landing pages is welcome news not only to marketing executives, but to financial executives as well.

You're Busy. We Can Help.The Snake Oil Syndrome
Many companies breathlessly rush to launch a Web site only to find that it doesn’t perform to their expectations. Some of this lackluster performance stems from the fact that very few companies engage in closed-loop marketing. But make no mistake about it—poorly designed Web sites also play a role. And the Web has no shortage of such sites.

Poorly designed sites exist because many of the people who create them don’t know how to build sites that convert visitors into leads, sales, and referrals. In fact, many so-called Web designers do a much better job selling their services than they do actually performing them.

When companies realize that their site is at least partially to blame for low conversion rates, they hire another Web designer to create a new site. Unfortunately, many redesigned sites perform just as poorly as the sites they replace. Redesigned sites might look prettier, but a pretty site that doesn’t convert is only marginally superior to an ugly site that doesn’t convert (there’s something to be said for branding/corporate image, but branding and conversion need not be mutually exclusive).

Landing Pages to the Rescue
When a site fails to perform, you must figure out why. A landing page can help you do exactly that. Testing the copywriting and design is an essential yet often ignored component of Web design. Only through testing can you optimize Web pages for conversion.

Once you have one or more optimized landing pages that perform in line with your expectations, you can make an informed decision about what to do next. If the bulk of your conversion stems from online advertising, and the landing page represents all the conversion you’ll ever want to do, you may decide to just continue using and improving the landing page rather than invest in a new site. Or perhaps you’ll postpone creating a new site until the landing page pays for the cost of such a project.

On the other hand, if your Web site needs are much more complex, you’ll probably want to redesign your site using the optimized landing page as a reference. In fact, you may want to create a landing page for each conversion scenario on your site for testing purposes before designing that portion of the site. Eventually, you’ll have a Web site that works. Even then, you’ll continue to create optimized landing pages for online advertising campaigns and also for testing new extensions to your site.

You’re Busy. We Can Help.
Whether you need to build your company’s first Web site or want to redesign its existing site, we can help you do so on time and perhaps even under budget thanks to our emphasis on testing and perfecting prior to building or redesigning a Web site.

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