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Landing Pages: Converting Clicks into Leads, Sales, and Referrals
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An online advertising campaign can generate thousands of visits to your Web site. But these visits alone won’t increase your bottom line. Your Web site must convert those visits into something meaningful—leads, sales, and referrals. The best way to facilitate this conversion process is with a landing page—a special Web page designed from the ground up for such a purpose.

You're Busy. We Can Help.Overcoming Impatience
Remember “Internet time”? During the dot-com boom, the media used this term to describe the rapidity with which companies of that era created products and services.

Internet time still exists, but the roles are now reversed. People are busier than ever, which means that they have very little patience when they visit Web sites, including yours. If they can’t figure out how to obtain whatever they came looking for, they will quickly leave and look elsewhere. On the Web, first impressions can make or break you.

Now, just imagine how much more extreme this level of impatience becomes when people visit your Web site after clicking on an advertisement of yours. Before clicking on your advertisement, these people were likely engaged in some other activity, and probably want to return to that activity as soon as possible.

To persuade these people to give you their contact information and perhaps make an impulse purchase before their patience wears thin, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to do so. A landing page that picks up where the advertisement left off, and provides one and only one option will maximize your conversion rate.

The Problem with Home Pages
To save money, many companies eschew landing pages. Instead, they point their online ads at their home page—a tactic that ends up costing more in the long run because home pages do not convert as effectively as optimized landing pages.

Home pages have the difficult task of trying to appeal to a wide variety of people—business partners, customers, journalists, prospects, etc. As a result, most home pages have several calls to action. Even more importantly, your home page cannot relate to each particular advertisement of yours.

By contrast, optimized landing pages usually have just one prominent call to action. In addition, you can create a different landing page for each advertisement that you run to maintain continuity. With fewer choices and a continuation of the story begun in the advertisement, conversion rates increase.

You're Busy. We Can Help.
With a name like LandingPage Interactive, who better to help you create optimized landing pages.

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