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Our History: Committed to innovation.
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At LandingPage Interactive, we help our clients generate clicks, and then convert those clicks into leads sales and referrals—and increased awareness of their brands. Over the years, we’ve developed a number of breakthroughs, such as Closed-Loop Marketing and Serial Storytelling, that enable us to provide our clients with superior results at a fraction of the cost of larger agencies.

You're Busy. We Can Help.Permission E-Mail Pioneers
In 1997, we launched TechnoLawyer, a critically-acclaimed network of e-mail newsletters for lawyers. Over the course of the next few years, we pioneered a number of firsts in permission e-mail marketing.

From the very beginning, TechnoLawyer distributed both newsletters and standalone promotional messages (advertisements) to the same group of subscribers. To this day, most companies use one database for newsletters and a different database for standalone advertisements. Only recently have companies begun to do what we’ve always done—use a single database for both types of messages.

Using a common database for newsletters and standalone advertisements led to our development of Serial Storytelling, a powerful e-mail marketing methodology. Serial storytelling consists of two complementary principles.

First, e-mail marketing works better when integrated with compelling content that people actually want to read. This rich contextual framework creates a quid pro quo between marketer and prospect that fosters trust and improves the effectiveness of the marketing.

Second, e-mail marketing works better when companies tell an ongoing story with a common theme over a series of e-mail messages—a scenario made possible by the rich contextual framework noted above.

The newsletters we created for TechnoLawyer also broke new ground. For example, several newsletters consist of material written by our subscribers. These “peer-written newsletters” further enhanced the rich contextual framework required for serial storytelling, and cost less to produce than traditional newsletters. Additionally, TechnoLawyer may have been the first e-mail newsletter network to offer demographically-targeted advertising down to the individual subscriber level.

Expanding Our Horizons One Innovation at a Time
With increasing frequency over the years, TechnoLawyer advertisers began asking us for help with other aspects of their online marketing activities. We decided that we would launch an agency only if we could develop breakthroughs like serial storytelling for each of the services that we would offer. We wanted to bring something extra to the table that would provide our clients with an edge vis-à-vis the services offered by other agencies.

We first set out to develop a blueprint for online marketing—something visual that would help our prospective clients better understand its principal components and their integration with one another. Thus was born LandingPage Interactive and our Closed-Loop Marketing process. Our name comes from the central role that landing pages—special Web pages to which advertisements link—play in online marketing.

To this day, we continue to innovate in each of the areas encompassed by our Closed-Loop Marketing process. Most recently, we began using experimental design, a statistical technique, to optimize permission e-mail and search engine marketing campaigns.

You’re Busy. We Can Help.
Whether you need help with just one component of your online marketing activities or with every component, we can help.

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