LandingPage Interactive™ Landing Pages: The Key to Successful Online Advertising
Landing Pages: The Key to Successful Online Advertising

Online advertising (such as a Google AdWords campaign) can generate thousands of visits to your Web site. But these visits alone won't increase your bottom line. Your Web site must convert these visits into something meaningful — leads, sales, and referrals.

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The best way to facilitate this conversion process is with an optimized landing page — a special Web page designed from the ground up for such a purpose. Without an optimized landing page, your leads, sales, and referrals will cost you more than they should.

Despite the critical role that landing pages play, not to mention their financial benefits, many companies neglect to use them. Instead, they use their home page or another page on their site as the landing page for an advertising campaign.

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At LandingPage Interactive, we specialize in creating optimized landing pages for our clients, many of whom simply don't have the time or resources to do so themselves.

One of our recent projects garnered the attention of MarketingSherpa, which published a case study about it entitled Landing Page Redesign Helps Search Marketing Campaign Convert 139% More Consumers into Sales Leads.

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