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Analytics & Markting Intelligence
CLosed-Loop Marketing
The key to maximizing return on investment.

Online marketing works in so many ways and on so many levels that it’s impossible to completely track its performance. Nonetheless, online marketing provides a degree of measurability that was once the stuff of dreams. As a result, by conducting tests and analyzing the results—a process we call “marketing intelligence,” you can dramatically increase the odds of hitting a marketing home run with every campaign.

The key to marketing intelligence lies in the analytical component—the number crunching. Raw numbers provide very little useful information, and can even misinform. Only those who stay abreast of the latest techniques in the burgeoning field of online analytics can accurately assess the performance of an online marketing campaign and make the necessary adjustments to maximize the return on investment.

Fortunately, we’ve developed a rich set of online analytics tools, some of them proprietary. For example, we use a statistical technique called “experimental design” to optimize permission e-mail and search engine marketing campaigns. Additionally, our Newsletter Performance Index helps companies evaluate their e-mail newsletters.

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