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Permission E-Mail Marketing
CLosed-Loop Marketing
The right message at the right time via e-mail.

Many companies spend their marketing dollars on untargeted advertising, focusing on “reach” (the number of people exposed to their advertising) at the expense of “frequency” (the number of times people are exposed to their advertising). Studies have shown that reaching the right people repeatedly is more effective than reaching a larger group of people just a few times or once. In short, frequency trumps reach.

Targeted advertising facilitates frequency because it enables you to reach the right people without having to pay for the wrong people. One of the most targeted forms of advertising available today consists of permission e-mail marketing, specifically third-party opt-in lists and newsletter networks that offer demographic and/or contextual targeting.

Choosing the right e-mail vehicle is only half the battle. You must also create effective ads, which requires superb copywriting skills and an analytical framework for testing, refining, and optimizing the ad copy. The spam epidemic and the CAN-SPAM Act make permission e-mail marketing all the more difficult.

Fortunately, we’ve developed a powerful technique called “Serial Storytelling,” which entails telling an ongoing (and interesting) story over a series of e-mail messages rather than cramming everything into one message.

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